Absolutely the best. Spike loves everyone in that office.

Ellen S.

Millerton Veterinary is a great place the staff are angles to me amazing place your animals are taking care by great staff.

Marlene B.

So caring, so gentle and patient. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful veterinarian so close! Thank you.

MaryLee S.

Dr. Cannon and her entire staff are great! Both my dog and my cat love their visits!

Chelsea G.

This is a caring and well organized vet. They supported me in taking care of our lovely cat and he is doing well thanks to their kind help.

The doctors are highly knowledgeable and supportive. The nurses and office teams are very helpful and well organized. They have a great support system fo buy medicated food and to organize follow up visits.

I am very grateful for their services and they certainly are a great asset to the entire area for us who live here and love our pets.

Matt A.

After a year and several vets later, we finally found the perfect vet! Dr. Cannon is an old-school vet - she's in it for the animals - yet she embraces both western and eastern medicine in her practice, calling on each according to the animal's needs. Our puppy had a gut issue with a solution that eluded other vets across many visits and Dr. Cannon nailed it on the first visit. That started our long association with them and it's been all flowers and lollipops since. And to top it off, MVP's pricing is realistic both in visits and in the pharmacy. The staff is happy, the vets are happy, my pup is happy, my checking account is happy. Live long and prosper, MVP!

Dave J.

FINALLY, a fantastic veterinarian. I have had several experiences in the past few years with vets in Manhattan that have ranged from mediocre (yet intensely expensive) to awful (and even more expensive). My experience this past weekend, with Dr. Carrie Cannon was fantastic. First of all, she was gentile and informative. My elderly cat has been having severe ear issues for about 2 years now. The vets in Manhattan never gave me a conclusive reason - just that she did not have ear mites and prescribed antibiotics and gave her steroids. For the first time, Dr. Carrie suggested it may be either stress related or allergies. FINALLY, someone with a potential answer. Dr. Carrie also said "we're going to put her on a protocol to insure she gets back to her former glory"... Long story short, I received the absolute best care from everyone at Millerton Veterinary --- and it was a FRACTION of the price of the Manhattan vets.

Lori C.
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