Surgical Consent Form

I authorize and direct the veterinarian(s) of Millerton Veterinary Practice, PLLC to perform surgical, diagnostic and treatment procedures as deemed advisable or necessary for my pet.(Required)
To the best of my knowledge(Required)
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We use human-grade inhalant anesthetic for your pet. While there is a wide margin of safety with this anesthetic, any anesthetic has the potential of causing a fatal reaction in pets and people. To help minimize this risk, pre-anesthetic blood screening and ECG are advised. While this does not remove all the risks, it could alert us to underlying disease or abnormalities that may otherwise go undetected.

Pre-anesthetic blood testing is required for pets 3 years of age and older.

Please perform the following tests:(Required)

Additional Services

While my pet is hopitalized, please perform the following procedures in addition to the surgery/treatment listed above. I understand there will be additional cost for these procedures.